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How To Play

There are 20 pairs of cards (40 in total) that have the image of various kinds of trash. Place them randomly, players flip two cards at the same time to match the same pair, put them on the correct trash bin and earn the token. Players would have to memorize the placement of cards and know the recycling rules properly to earn a high token. The value of the token gets higher when the trash is more confusing to recycle.

1. There need to be at least two people to play this game. Decide on the order, and the first player flips two cards at the same time.

2. Check the two cards and if they are different, put them back on the same placement.

3. If you flipped the two matching cards, you can put them in the trash box! However, you have to put them in the correct trash box to earn tokens.

4. When you successfully recycled the trash, following the number of stars on the cards, you can earn the token.

5. At the end of the game, a player with the highest number of stars on collected tokens wins the game.


Clean the Ocean, 2019

This project explores marine pollution and ocean trash issues. This game is for children’s education that children can learn about recycling trash properly and be aware of ocean trash issues.